The Bnai Brith Moshe Dayan Golden Manorah Award to Benjamin Peng

The B’nai B’rith is the oldest and the most important Jewish association in the world. It is 170 years old.
It is an NGO represented at the United Nations Organization, at the European Council, at the UNESCO and the MERCOSUR. The numerous lodges of the B’nai B’rith (Sons of the Brith) have been created by some Free Masons. They spread all over the USA, South America, Europe, Australia and Israel- that is to say wherever Jewish communities exist.
Since 2003, the presentation of the Golden Menorahs has been considered as one of the ten most important events in the Jewish World. They distinguish courageous women and men who fought anti-Semitism.
During the 9th Golden Menorah that will take place on January 29th 2017, 7 Golden Menorahs was given that represent the 7 branches of the menorah which is the emblem of Israel and the B’nai B’rith as well.

The ceremony is held in the Nice Opera House. It is organized with the partnership of the City of Nice and under the honorary chairmanship of the Mayor of Nice. Civil, local and religious authorities from all over the Riviera and a very large audience will be present. Here are this years 7 receivers:
Denis Coderre: Mayor of Montreal, Canada
Erri de Luca: Italian writer
François Orlandi: President departmental counselor in Upper Corsica
Pierre Jean Luciani: President departmental in Southern Corsica
Alexandra Laignel: Historian
Pascal Bruckner: French philosopher
And Benjamin Peng as an Israel Supporter from China.