Love without Boundaries – Jewish Refugees in Shanghai

A Yafo Capital sponsored art exhibition called “Love without Boundaries – Jewish Refugees in Shanghai” opened at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem on May 10th. The exhibition enshrined the history of Jews seeking shelter in Shanghai during WWII.
The gala evening was attended by distinguished guests from both Israel and China. Key speakers included Mayor Nir Barkat of Jerusalem, ICC chairman David Shimron and the Chinese consul-general to Israel, Lu Kun.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mira Altman, CEO of the ICC Jerusalem, said that she was deeply honored that the exhibition was being held in the heart of Jerusalem in co-operation with the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. She also added that it was very important to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and that the exhibit offers a unique and relatively unknown perspective of what happened 70 years ago during WWII.
On display were 40 oil paintings, 20 traditional Chinese paintings, and 10 photos, that illustrated how Jews fled to Shanghai and how their life in Shanghai was.
Many of the paintings were based on true stories, with one depicting Dr. He Feng Shan, Chinese consul-general in Vienna from 1938 to 1940, who risked his life to issue thousands of visas to Jewish refugees.