Yafo Announces a JV with COFCO to Expand into Nutrition & Food

In Feb. 2018, Yafo Capital announced a joint venture with the Nutrition & Health Research Institute (NHRI) of COFCO (China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation), the world’s third largest agriculture company, to expand into nutrition and health market and agro sector. The JV will be the first IP/tech-transfer company under Central State-Owned Enterprises (CSOEs).

By leveraging COFCO’s eco-system and distribution channels, the JV will facilitate global agriculture and food related projects and technology transfers/commercializations and investments in China. The JV will also help COFCO commercialize or license its own IPs.

The JV’s major areas of interest include:
Life science – nutrition and health
Biotechnology (including amino acids,citric acids,saccharides,biofuel, etc),
Food Innovation,
Processing & Application Technology,
Animal Nutrition & Feed,
Food Quality & Safety,

About COFCO (http://www.cofco.com/en/) and NHRI:

COFCO is China’s largest food processing company, with products covering all the main categories of Chinese daily consumption, including rice, wheat, corn, oil and oilseeds, sugar, cotton, meat products, dairy products, wine, tea, and so on, with an annual business volume of 150 million tons. COFCO ranks third in total revenue, US$ 70 billion, in agri-industry for the entire globe. COFCO has 2.3 million terminal sale points throughout China’s 952 large and medium-sized cities and more than 10,000 counties and villages. COFCO plays an important supporting role in the maintenance of China’s grain and oil market stability.

COFCO NHRI is the central research institute of COFCO Group. Focusing on the life sciences and placing emphasis on nutrition and health, NHRI is devoted to creating nutritional and healthy products, inventing green and sustainable technologies to improve quality & efficiency, saving energy and reducing emission. By adopting the “Open Innovation” mode and the “Independent Research” mode, NHRI supports COFCO business in all directions

About Yafo Capital (www.yafocapital.com):

Shanghai Yafo Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd (Yafo Capital) is a boutique fund management and investment banking firm, headquartered in Shanghai with offices in Beijing, Foshan, Tel Aviv, and Irvine. Yafo Capital specializes in cross-border private equity and M&A transactions with a focus on high-tech sectors. Yafo Capital has built a solid reputation as the "go-to platform" for many global high-tech companies to connect with Chinese strategic partners and investors; and vice versa. Yafo Capital offers a parallel fund which aligns the interests of overseas investee companies with Chinese strategic partners.

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