Sean Jiang speaks at Meet Up Session at JHVS on October 12th, 2018 in Yokohama

Comparing to the US and China, number of successful start-ups and bioventures in the healthcare sector are fewer in Japan nevertheless there are many cutting edge disruptive science from Japanese academia. What are the reasons behind? To get some clue, Japan Healthcare Venture Summit(JHVS) Meet Up offered a fantastic opportunity to meet with the most successful intrepreneurs and venture capitalists from US, China and Japan. The topics in this session includes:

1) Investment environment in the US, China as well as in Japan;

2) Successful cases how to start/grow start-up company in US and China;

3) What parts are missing to start/grow startup company;

4) What policies are required to make the healthcare ecosystem functional in Japan; and etc.

Jun Kusunoki Director, New Ventures Japan, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Asia Pacific
Tadahisa Kagimoto President & CEO, Helios
Dan Wang Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific
Joseph Payne President and CEO, Arcturus Therapeutics, Inc.
Jin Li President and CEO, HigGen Ltd.
Xiaoyang (Sean) Jiang CEO, Yafo Capital
Sheen Komoto Partner, Eight Roads Ventures Japan

Sean Jiang, from YAFO Capital also made a short presentation entitled: Investment Environment to Healthcare start-ups in China: difference from Japan, to share his investment stories to the audiences.