YAFO Pre-JMP Ski Lake Tahoe and YAFO JPM Mixing Dinner 2020

Following the YAFO JPM Mixing Dinner 2019, YAFO Capital together with Renexes and CHBD will provide an exciting Pre-JPM networking event that combining ski and fireside chat this year. The Mixing Dinner in San Francisco will include 50 to 100 people this year from China, Japan and US. The Pre-JPM Ski Tahoe and the Bio Fireside Chat event will be held at a ski resort in Lake Tahoe.

● Jan 10th -12th Yafo Pre-JPM Ski Tahoe & Bio Fireside Chat (20 delegates from China and 20 delegates from the United States).

● Jan 15th , YAFO JPM Mixing Dinner 2020 San Francisco (50 to 100 delegates, by invitation only)

Pre-JPM Ski Tahoe & Bio Fireside Chat

The Pre-JPM skiing and Bio Fireside Chat is a two day event which will take place at the famous ski resort Lake Tahoe. Places to visit near by include lake tahoe, donner memorial state park, cabins, casinos, etc.

40 seats are available, first come first serve. For reservation, please contact qli@yafocapital.com +86 13621979227

YAFO JPM Mixing Dinner 2020

The YAFO JPM Mixing Dinner will host 50 to 100 people, comparing 20 last year. We will share insights and real case experience about cooperation and investment among China, USA and Japan with pharmaceutical representatives from those three countries.

Date: 18:00 - 21:00, Jan 15th 2020

Location: HarborView (4 Embarcadero Center), San Francisco. (By invitation only

About Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a major tourist attraction located in both California and Nevada, in the northern part of California, about 10 miles from west of Carson City, the capital of Nevada. Lake Tahoe in the winter is a popular ski resort in the United States. Skiers from Bay Area usually tale shuttle buses to the ski resorts, for example, the Tahoe Ski Trips and the North American Charter Ski.

3.5 hours of driving from San Francisco.
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For the appointment and inquires, please contact:

Ms. Qi Li

Email: info@yafocapital.com

+86 136 2197 9227

The final decision will be subject to the confirmation letter.