Our Excellent Team

Sean Jiang, CFA

Founder & CEO <sjiang@yafocapital.com>

Mr. Jiang is a founding partner and CEO of Shanghai Yafo Capital and Co-CEO of Cukierman-Yafo Investment. He has over 15 years’ Wall Street experience in investment banking, M&A, and investment of Israel, American technology companies. He has worked with US and China investment banks. He was the China General Manager of ISI Group (NY) and Managing Director of ISI research. Before that, he was a senior research analyst at Roth Capital (LA) where he was involved in multiple cross-border transactions. When at Xiangcai Securities, a leading investment bank in Shanghai, Sean was the executive director, responsible for advising foreign institutional investors in China’s stock markets.

Haggai Ravid

Co-CEO, Yafo- Cukierman

Mr. Ravid was engaged in over $1B transactions over the past years, pioneering transactions such as taking the first Croatian company public on AIM, and completing the sale of first Telecom Hungarian based Nasdaq listed company. Mr. Ravid was a partner at MBI, an Investment House which jointly with Israel Industrial and Development Bank, invested in Israeli technology companies. Mr. Ravid sits on the board of a variety of technology companies. Mr. Ravid graduated Cum Laude from the Hebrew University and has a MBA from Rutgers University.

Kun Tao, CFA

Managing Partner <ktao@yafocapital.com>

Mr. Tao is a Managing Partner of Yafo Capital and the Head of our U.S. Business. Mr. Tao has more than 15 years’ experience as an analyst and consultant working with public and private companies in North America and China across a variety of technology sectors. He has extensive knowledge on market analysis, business development, due diligence, and operations for U.S. – China cross-border transactions. He previously worked at William O’neil + Co. where he developed its China operation and was in charge of China research. Before that, he was Director of China research and senior research analyst at Roth Capital Partners where he supported over $2 billion cross-border equity financings.

Benjamin Peng

Managing Director

Mr. Peng has been engaged in China-Israel technology cooperation and investment projects, he has comprehensive and deep cooperation with Israeli investment institutes, technology companies, and governmental organizations.

Fan Zheng

Managing Director<fzheng@yafocapital.com>

Mr. Zheng is the Managing Director of Yafo Capital. He has been focusing on cross border investment in healthcare sector since the beginning of his career life. Mr. Zheng has been involved in 30+ global life science financing transactions and advisory assignments and led the team close multiple deals. Before joining Yafo, He was an equity research analyst covering China healthcare sector at Roth Capital Partners, a full-service investment bankingfirm headquartered in California. He was also a founder of a medical device startup focusing on E.N.T related medical device.

Dr. Laurent Choppe

Managing Partner, Life Science, Yafo-Cukierman

Dr. Choppe has been involved in more than 50 medtech and biotech corporate finance transactions and advisory assignments. Dr. Choppe is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine of the University Paris XII, laureate of the École Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort, CES of Veterinary Ophthalmology and earned a MBA from INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France). He is married, father of 3 and lives in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Ben Topor

Partner, Green Tech, Yafo-Cukierman

Mr. Topor specializes in a variety of clean tech industrial sub-sectors including: agriculture, renewable & alternative energy, energy efficiency, recycling & waste and water technologies. He has been advising clients from North America, Europe and Asia on a wide spectrum of financial transactions and deals.

Bianca Xu

Investment manager

Yu Zhou

COO, Yafo-Tech Discovery

Jarad Zhou

CTO, Yafo-Tech Discovery

Yu Ci

Analyst, Healthcare team

Qi Li
ShanWu Zheng
Qinrong Xu

Analyst, Clean Tech team

Wendi Xiang

Analyst, Investor Relations

Peng Xu

Data Architect, Yafo-Herui

Shanshan Ni

Analyst, Yafo-Herui

Yafo Partners & Shareholders (Partial)

Bo Chen

Chairman, MCA, Yafo

Honglei Zhou

Executive vice president, MCA; and Director of Yafo

Shufa Weng

CEO, Yafo-Herui Group

Xingbing Guo

Chairman, Golden Sage Holding Group.